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Welcome to Aurangabad B.Ed College :

Undoubtedly Aurangabad is noted for Beedi Industries. Naturally most of the students are the off-spring of Beedi workers. Poverty, Perils, Pangs, hardship and mal-nourishment are the life-long companions of the learners of Aurangabad. Amidst such adverse circumstances the students are born and brought up here. But some local Madhyamk, H.S School and Madrasha quench the educational thirst of the pupils. Again in 1967 Aurangabad D.N.C. college enkindled the torch of higher education. After having graduation the students of Aurangabad are bound to loiter from pillar to post to complete job-oriented Bachelor of Education. To study B.Ed. course in Kolkata is beyond the imagination of the down-trodden, il-fed, and ill-clad and ill-fated students of Aurangabad. What a deplorable plight it was ! In spite of being an Industrialist the heart of Jakir Hossain heard a knock knocking the bell of quality-based education. But a question peeps in his heart "who will come forward to translate my dream into reality ?" In such juncture of mind he ransacks dauntless educated youth to materialize his dormant dream. Fortunately Dipak Das, a pleader, leader and energetic youth came forward to implement the academic plans and programs of Mr. Jakir and another educated youth named Bibhas Sarkar also shared the noble deed. With a view to nurturing dreams cherished by Hon'ble Jakir Hossain this Aurangabad B.Ed College was inaugurated by renowned Parliamentarian and External Affair Minister of India Sree Pranab Mukharjee whose whole hearted benedictions rejuvenate the latent academic dreams of the denizens of Aurangabad.

President's Desk :


Since the down of my life I dream the dream of scattering the ray of perfect and effective Education in our educationally, culturally and financially backward locality. Hence in 2008 I took solemn resolution and firm determination to establish Aurangabad B.Ed.College at Aurangabad under Jangipur sub-division in the district of Murshidabad. My dream was translated into reality with the direct and indirect benediction of our President Sri Pranab Mukherjee, the external Affair Minister of India. Aurangabad was inaugurated by him in 2008. Still now hundreds of local graduates and Master degree holders not only achieved B.Ed. degree but also appointed as Teachers of the Higher Secondary schools and Madrashas. I am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but being an education-lover my heart longs for well-mannerd educated society where Peace and bliss will reign the supreme. It is needless to say that Aurangabad B.Ed.College is quenching the educational thirst of youths of Aurangabad. 90% boys and girls of Aurangabad are coming from Beedi-rollers’ family. But Aurangabad B.Ed. College rings the bell of inspiration in the hearts of the despondent unemployed youths of Aurangabad. Undoubtedly Aurangabad B.Ed. College will be the beacon light of erudition by the grace of omnific God.

Principal's Desk :


After ascending on the chair of Principal of Aurangabad B.Ed.College in 2012 I am able to handle the college properly with the solemn co-operation of the Management Faculties and the Administrative staff. Frankly speaking Aurangabad B.Ed.College implements man-making mission motto through its time –bound character-based and morality-based Trained graduates and Master Degree holders of the educationally backward society of Aurangabad. The more I observe the craze for education of Sri Jakir Hossain and Sri Dipak Kumar Das, the more I feel agog to enrich and enhance the educational patterns of our college. Mysterious are the ways of God. Certainly Aurangabad B.Ed. College moves towards the paramount succcess turning out hundreds of B.Ed.holders year after year leading them to reach the goal of life. The decency and decorum of the students perseverance and punctuality of the teachers hard struggle of the Administrative staff assist me to perform tremendous task smoothly. The massive impact of Aurangabad B.Ed.College in the down-trodden society is too great to imagine. Obtaining the torch of proper education from Aurangabad B.Ed. College the future teachers will alter the very map of our minority-dominated visimity. It is my cordial supposition to the omnipotent God to bestow us eternal boon which will be the path-finder of all.

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